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Investing in prestigious
SME parks

They already trust us

  • Total concept managed by BVI.EU

  • Prestigious semi-industrial property

  • Built-To-Suit  and SME units

  • Secure investment

  • Consistent revenue stream from stable commercial tenants

  • Single point of contact at BVI.EU

  • Rental service on demand

  • No vacancy

  • Enjoy unrivalled peace of mind with BVI.EU, your expert partner in the development of prestigious SME parks.

    Our global approach, incorporating an innovative concept  and sustainable SME units, lays the foundation for a stable, profitable investment.

    Benefit from a steady revenue stream from renowned commercial tenants; And for the sake of convenience, with BVI.EU you have one single point of contact.

    If desired, BVI.EU and/or one of its selected partners can offer you a solution for the rental of your property.

  • Reliable partner

  • Focus on architecture, sustainability and ecological aspects (ESG)

  • Modularity and flexibility

  • Resilience of SME units compared to residential units

  • Future-proof real estate

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Building materials of highest quality

  • Experience our uncompromising reliability that has been proven over the years.

    Sustainable developments are in our DNA, all our future-proof Green Business Parks meet all current ecological standards.

    Our modular, flexible approach adapts to the needs of our occupiers/tenants, while the resilience of our commercial real estate is distinctly different from residential real estate. Look ahead with confidence, our commercial real estate developments are designed to stand the test of time, built with the highest quality materials and therefore require  low maintenance costs.

  • Competitive purchase prices (from €110.000)

  • Quick return on investment (short construction period)

  • Higher yields than other real estate types/niches (+50%)

  • Attractive yield and real potential for capital gains

  • Recoverable VAT*

  • All taxes & charges paid by triple A tenants

  • Indexed rents and therefore inflation-proof


    *Conditions on request

  • Optimise your portfolio with our exclusive commercial real estate offer. Benefit from competitive prices and an accelerated return on investment thanks to short construction periods.

    Our projects distinguish themselves with yields that are 50% higher than the average on the real estate market. In addition, you benefit from recoverable VAT and inflation-proof rents as a result of indexation. And all taxes and charges are paid by creditworthy (triple A) tenants. Investing in a SME unit provides you with an attractive yield and a potential added value gain of your real estate.

  • Pioneer in high-quality SME real estate

  • 25 years of expertise

  • Market leader in Belgium

  • Active in Benelux, France and Germany

  • More than 60 real estate professionals at your service at BVI.EU

  • Our renowned expertise in high-quality SME real estate is the result of more than 25 years of experience, innovation and market leadership.

    As a pioneer, we have shaped the sector, with an active and influential presence in Benelux, France and Germany. Our portfolio includes an impressive and significant number of projects and locations, proving our ability to meet demanding requirements.

    With a dedicated team of over 60 real estate professionals, we are perfectly positioned to provide tailor-made solutions and first-class customer service.

Investment opportunities

I work exclusively with BVI.EU because promises are always kept. Deliveries are always on time... on one occasion even two weeks ahead of schedule, and this in the middle of the COVID crisis! Their units are well insulated. And the icing on top of that: our contact with the project manager is always good.

They trust us

MCDP Wavre

BVI.EU has been an international developer of high-quality, sustainable and innovative commercial real estate for over 25 years, and is a pioneer in the field of pure SME parks and mixed business parks. Our extensive  expertise also means we can meet each company’s specific real estate needs with our built-to-suit solutions.

About BVI.EU

Our aim is to provide services that go far beyond just bricks. As a truly reliable partner, from the planning and construction phases through to project completion, BVI.EU is today proud to present an impressive list of references.

Whether you're looking to invest in a single unit, several units, or even an entire SME park, then our Green Business Parks offer the real estate solution for every investor.

Contact us!

BVI Invest is a product of BVI.EU
Prins Boudewijnlaan 7c bus 0201
B-2550 Kontich
tel: +32 (0)3 355 09 09
BVI.EU nv – Filiale Wallonie
Boulevard de l’Europe 131-A1
B-1300 Wavre

The certainty of a secure investment

A word from the experts

Faced with increasing social pressure to protect undeveloped areas, we must manage the remaining land carefully. We must focus on the reconversion of existing industrial sites and on densification projects. One thing is certain: given the inevitable scarcity of land, existing high-quality products will retain their value.

Jo Dewolf



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